Research Room Rules

Approved by the Faulty of Letters April 24, 1998

Article I. Reserving the Research Room

A teacher planning to use the Research Room exclusively for his/her class must reserve the room at least two weeks in advance. Reservation can be made by informing Research Room staff of the planned usage. As a general rule, a teacher may reserve the room exclusively up to four times for the same course in each semester.

Article II. Priority Reservation System

1. The priority order of the Research Room reservation is as follows.
Faculty of Letters seminars
Faculty of Letters courses (including workshops)
Faculty of Letters use for demonstrations to faculty or students
Faculty of Letters teachers' or students' individual use outside of classes

2. Additional Priority Reservation Possibilities

Classes which cannot be conducted in computer classrooms or other classrooms will be given priority over those which can be in ordinary classrooms.

3. Scheduling Coordination

In case of scheduling conflicts, especially of conflicts for classes having equal priority, the Research Room Committee and the Registrar's Office will coordinate the schedule and make every attempt to accommodate all requests.

Article III. Faculty Use

1. Faculty may freely use the room outside of class hours.

2. Borrowing Keys

Faculty may borrow keys to the Research Room and to the upper cabinet.

Article IV. Student Use

1. When no class is being held in the Research Room during college semesters, students may use it from 8:50 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on weekdays. The availability and open hours of the Research Room during long school breaks are made public separately.

2. When the Research Room staff is not on duty

A student who wishes to use the room when staff is not on duty may borrow the room key from the Faculty of Letters office by signing in and presenting her student ID. The key must be returned before the Faculty of Letters office is closed. After the closure of the office, the key must be returned to the designated box. Students shall not give the key they borrowed to another student.

3. When the Research Room staff is on duty

Students may use the room freely when the staff is in the room on duty. Students wishing to use the room after the staff leaves for the day should follow the aforementioned instructions.

Article V. Hardware/Software Installation

The installation of new hardware or software programs on the Research Room computers must not be carried out before reporting to the Research Room Committee or Research Room staff. Such installations can be made only in the presence of a committee member or the staff.

Article VI: Lending equipment

The rules concerning the lending of the Research Room equipment are stipulated in another regulation on lending policy.

Article VII. Prohibitions

The following conducts are prohibited near the computers in the Research Room.
a. Drinking or eating
b. The use of erasers or staplers
c. Any other conduct that may harm computers and other facilities

Amended by the Faculty of Letters March 5, 1999
This regulation becomes effective as of April 1, 2008, and its implementation begins as of May 23, 2008. (Revised on May 23, 2008)

Last Updated 23 May 2008

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