Office of the Chancellor Kobe College

A Message from the Chancellor

Love thy God, Love thy Neighbor

Koichi Mori, Th. D.

Kobe College was established in l875 by the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, the missionary organization of Congregational Church. Initially called the “Kobe Home,” the college was the first Christian educational institution for women in Western Japan. After expanding into an institution of higher education, the college moved to its current campus in Okadayama, Nishinomiya City in 1933. The beautiful campus, designed by architect William Merrell Vories and surrounded by the verdant natural scenery of Okadayama, is one of Kobe College’s great treasures.

The educational philosophy of Kobe College is expressed in its long-standing motto, “Love thy God, Love thy Neighbor.” The college aspires not only to provide knowledge, but to give students a humane education rooted in the teachings of Christ. We aim to educate students who will use their knowledge not only for themselves, but for the good of their society, their country, and their world.

Kobe College maintains a free and open educational environment that respects each student’s autonomy and self-government. We seek to educate students who can freely express their own thoughts and ideas, in English as well as in Japanese. In other words, we strive to realize a true liberal arts education that will equip women with cultural accomplishments befitting our contemporary society.

Koichi Mori, Th. D.
Chair of the Board of Trustees and Chancellor, Kobe College

Chancellor's Biography


Doshisha University, 1965-69 (Theology), B. Th.
Graduate School of Doshisha University, 1969-71 (Theology), M. Th.
Pacific School of Religion (Berkeley, California, U. S. A.), 1973-74.
Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley, California, U. S. A.), 1974-77, Th. D.

Professional Appointments

Kobe Collage High School,  1971-73, Teacher of religion.

Doshisha University, 1978-2010, Assistant, Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor
1997-2007, Dean, School of Theology
2003-2010, Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Study of Monotheistic Religions [CISMOR]

Member of the Board of Trustees, The Doshisha, 1999-2007
Member of the Board of Councilors, The Doshisha, 2007-2011
Member of the Board of Trustees, Kobe College, 2007-
Chair of the Board of Trustees and Chancellor, Kobe College, 2010-
Professor Emeritus, Doshisha University, 2010-

Field of Specialization

American Religious History


America Viewing from Religion, Kodansha, 1996.

Religion and the American Self-image, Japanese Institute of Foreign Affaires, 1997.

Content of George W. Bush's Head: the World-view of American "Super-conservatives", Kodansha, 2003.

Can EU Co-exist with the Islamic Religious Traditions: the Essence of the “Muhammad Cartoon”, Akashi-shoten, 2007.

Can Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Co-exist? : Today’s Situation of the Monotheistic World, Akashi-shoten, 2008.

Global Strategy of the United States and Islamic World, Akashi-shoten, 2009.

(Books written in Japanese language)