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Project Merits / Project Organization

3. Project Merits

How do students mature through this project? Each year, senior students at Kobe College participate in many major events, such as student teaching, nursing care practical training, and piano solo recitals (one of KCfs superb traditions), in addition to their daily classes and lessons.

Furthermore, students who take part in the Outreach Project have the responsibility of performing well at concerts outside the campus. In other words, they are required to organize both their schedules and maintain their physical condition, while working together as a team.

The most important point is that students must understand themselves from the viewpoint of others. In the past, music education at colleges only required students to pursue skills that allowed them to play difficult musical works. However, with audiences not accustomed to formal concerts, musicians must make a paradigm shift, composing programs that attract even children who do not know the music well.

This activity subjectively reconsiders the meaning of the music through a deep and sympathetic mutual understanding with other people. For that purpose, it is necessary to have the ability to: 1) self-produce based on an understanding of others, 2) reintegrate knowledge of musical instruments, 3) expand onefs repertory, and 4) strengthen communicative abilities.

Through discussions and opinion exchanges with school teachers and college professors, students develop multifaceted and flexible thinking abilities. Furthermore, the mutual relationship between teaching and learning lets students rediscover the joy and significance of playing music, particularly from the bright faces of children who enjoy coming into contact with musical instruments. These experiences motivate students to further study.

4. Project Organization

Each process is taught by lecturers in charge of the Outreach Project. Arrangements and acoustic balance on stage are taught by Conducting or Music Composition teachers. For musical instrument performance, teachers of piano, vocal music, violin, flute, harp, organ, percussion, and other instruments cooperate with this project.

This project also works together with local organizations such as schools and hospitals. In particular, the Nishinomiya City Board of Education has been working with us for their project, gSchool Support Nishinomiya,h which started in 2002. Our school of Music participate in its annual school-year-end event as a registered member.