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As a college which values small-group instruction, faculty and staff at Kobe College make academic and personal support available to international students. Foreign students have ample opportunity to interact with Japanese students and experience Japanese culture.

Buddy System

In the buddy system, Japanese students are paired up with international students to help them get used to their new environment and settle in at school. The “buddy” can help with things such as welcoming a student at the airport, assisting in address registration, applying for health insurance, signing up for a cell-phone contract, shopping, and registering for university classes. The buddies also plan events such as Tanabata parties and Christmas parties, providing fun opportunities for international students to get to know Japanese students. Generally, these “buddies” are the first Japanese friends international students make.

KC Guides

Called “KC Guides,” a group of Japanese students give tours to international students and faculty from affiliated institutions around campus and Nishinomiya city. They also escort guests around Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto, introducing the history and culture of the places they visit in English.


The homestay program allows international students to experience Japanese life by spending time in a Japanese student’s home on weekends (for short-term international students) or during the holidays (for long-term international students). Kobe College will make every effort to make the best student–family match before the student’s arrival in Japan.


The on-campus Mary and Grace Stowe Dormitories have 179 single rooms (each with a toilet). Each room is furnished with a desk, bookshelf, bed, dresser, refrigerator, and an air conditioner. Residents are free to use communal kitchens, lounges, showers and baths. The matron, who speaks English, is always present to answer questions international students may have.

Room layout

Kobe College International Students House

A dormitory for international students opened in 2012. It is situated very conveniently by Kobe College’s main gate. Residents of this house enjoy the magnificent beauty of Okadayama’s seasons—the cherry blossoms of spring, dark-green leaves of summer, and tinted foliage of fall.

English Zone

The English Zone is an English-only room open to anyone who wants to speak English. International students, Japanese students, and English-speaking instructors drop by between classes for informal conversation. The room has also become a base for various volunteer activities.


International exchange students, with outstanding academic performance, may receive scholarships from JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) or HUMAP (Hyogo University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific) during their exchange period in Kobe College. For further information, contact Kobe College International Programs Center.