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Department of English

All major courses are taught in English

English major courses are taught by many native speakers of English, and English is the primary language in them. Students are encouraged to use English as their everyday language and receive training to think in English, developing the ability to communicate and express themselves freely in the international world.

Classes are small—maximum size: 20 students per class

Kobe College has always valued small-class instruction especially in the English language. It encourages students to participate and freely ask questions. This environment, along with more than a century of experience, ensures students’ progress in English.

Theses are written in English

In the second semester of their junior year, students are required to select a thesis seminar course from more than 15 options. Students conduct research, write a thesis in English, then give a presentation in English. Students also have the option of doing a project (such as a video project) instead of writing a thesis.

Department of Intercultural Studies

Combining courses for further study

Subject areas ranging from literature to sociology, economics, law, philosophy and so on are categorized into eight major subject groups. Third-year students design their own course of study by combining a secondary course with their main course.

Seminar classes are key to knowledge acquisition in college

The small-sized seminar classes which students take from their freshman year provide a foundation on which students can build their comprehension and communication skills. Here, they develop their thinking skills and self-expression. Students gradually narrow down their interests to pursue a specific field about which they write a thesis in their final year.

Fieldwork opportunities

Fieldwork is part of the seminar and project courses, giving students hands-on experience outside the classroom. Actual practice in conducting surveys, interviews and investigations prepare students for individual research in their final year.