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College Program

The undergraduate program at Kobe College is comprised of three academic schools and five departments. The post-graduate program offers education in three disciplines. As an institution that emphasizes small-class learning, the low student-to-teacher ratio provides students with personalized attention and quality support to help each one realize her potential.

Undergraduate Program
  • School of Letters
  • School of Music
  • School of Human Sciences
Graduate School
  • Graduate School

Common Subjects

Seeking to provide a well-rounded education to cultivate individuals with a broad perspective, Kobe College offers a variety of cross-disciplinary studies. Courses include: women’s studies, psychology, education, philosophy, history, culture, art, natural science, information science, foreign languages, physical education and Christianity. Selecting subjects from areas of particular interest gives students a chance to build their foundation for future research.

Cross-Disciplinary English Education

This is a required English program for all Japanese students at Kobe College to help them gain a good command of English. Original texts and smartphone applications are utilized for studying grammar and vocabulary. The program is linked with students’ major courses, allowing them to learn English terminology needed in their field of study.

College-wide Minor Programs

Minor Program A
Liberal Arts and Sciences Program

This minor program allows students to acquire knowledge and skills in subject areas that are not directly related to their majors. Minor options are listed below:

  • ・English and American Literature and Culture
  • ・Linguistic Communication
  • ・Global Studies
  • ・Religious Studies
  • ・Culture and History of Europe and America
  • ・Philosophy, Ethics and Aesthetics
  • ・Social Welfare, Children and Education
  • ・Sociology and Media Studies
  • ・Japanese Language and Literature
  • ・History and Culture of Japan and Asia
  • ・Economics, Law, and International Relations
  • ・Piano
  • ・Vocal Arts
  • ・Instrumental Arts
  • ・Music Composition
  • ・Psychological and Behavioral Sciences
  • ・Bioscience
  • ・Environmental and Ecological Sciences
  • ・Women’s Studies

Minor Program B

Career Design Program
Media Communications Course

A course which aims to enhance the students’ understanding of the role of media and improve their writing, presenting, and communication skills.

Art Management Course

A course where students develop an appreciation of art and skills needed for art production and management, through gaining specific knowledge of the arts and learning organizational management.

Hospitality Management Course

A course designed to cultivate the ability to communicate effectively and with compassion, transcending differences in physical ability, gender, culture, and nationality, through training in manners and emergency care.

Interpreting and Translation Program

This program employs unique techniques used for training professional interpreters and aims to raise students who excel in English. Classes are taught by experienced interpreters and translators, using technological equipment equivalent to those used in international conference halls.

Regional Development Leadership Program

Seeking to develop leaders in society, this program requires students to plan and organize regional events to foster development and tackle regional problems under the mentorship of experts in the business world, public administration, and NPOs.

Courses for International Students

Special courses in Japanese culture and language are available for international students. Students may also select their courses from a wide range of other disciplines according to their interests.

Introduction to Japanese Culture

Composed of a mixture of lectures and activities, the course provides students with an opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience Japanese culture and traditions first-hand. Cultural activities include: tea ceremony (the Way of Tea), Kado flower arrangement, Noh theater, origami (paper folding art), and Aikido (martial arts).

Class Schedule (Reference)
WK1 Japanese Tea Ceremony①
2 English Rakugo
3 Japanese Tea Ceremony②
4 Introduction to Modern Japanese Literature
5 Japanese Flower Arrangement①
6 Japanese Flower Arrangement②
7 Origami(paper-folding art)①
8 Origami(paper-folding art)②
9 Japanese Koto Ensemble
10 Aikido, a Japanese Martial Art
11 Japanese Culture Studies: Q&A
12 A Type of Japanese Song, Enka
13 Noh-play
14 Japanese Dishes
15 A Japanese Art,Animation

Current Issues in Japan

This course is designed to help international students understand and consider current issues in Japan. Taught by several instructors who are experts in their fields, each class deals with a variety of issues including Japanese politics, international relations, law, religion, and business.

Class Schedule (Reference)
WK1 Molecular Food Functionality
2 Interpretation in Japan
3 Politics in Japan
4 International Management①
5 International Management②
6 International Politics①
7 International Politics②
8 Greeting Expressions in Japanese
9 Law and Legal Issues
10 Issue-development Country Japan “How was poverty created?”
11 International Relations: Japan and China①
12 International Relations: Japan and China②
13 Christianity and Religious Issues
14 Japan’s Aging Population
15 Fukushima Nuclear Crisis

Tutorial for Exchange Students

The tutorial system allows exchange students to pursue advanced learning on a one-on-one basis with an academic advisor. The student may choose an advisor from the faculty members at Kobe College according to her field of interest, and design the content of the course together.

Subject List for Tutorials
Department of English
  • English
  • English Education
  • English Literature
  • English and American Literature
  • Global Studies
  • International Business
  • International Relations
  • Interpretation
  • Linguistics
  • Study of English Language
  • Translation
Department of Intercultural Studies
  • American Literature and Culture
  • Christianity
  • Cultural Studies, Japanese Literature, Critical Theories
  • European History
  • Greek Philosophy
  • Japanese Pop Music
  • Medical Sociology
  • Pedagogy
  • Politics and Economy in India
  • Psychiatric Social Work
  • Religious Studies, Old Testament Studies
  • Social Media
  • Social Welfare
  • Sociology
  • Visual Culture, French Literature
Department of Music
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Musicology
  • Vocal
Department of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis
Department of Biosphere Sciences
  • Environmental Sociology
  • Hydrosphere Environmental Science
  • Molecular Food Functionality
  • Science Education